Tissue Surgeon

Advanced Laser Microtomy for the disection of plastic embedded hard tissues such as bones and implants.
At Patho-Logica, we’re at the forefront of advancing biomedical research with our state-of-the-art laser microtomy technology.
We’re proud to announce that Patho-Logica is one of the fifteen laboratories worldwide to have acquired the TissueSurgeon a laser microtome. Our innovative TissueSurgeon device offers precise and contact-free laser-based cutting of biological tissue and a variety of materials, including bones and implanted devices that can not be processed in paraffin. Whether you’re conducting research in tissue engineering, pathology, or materials science, TissueSurgeon provides unmatched precision and versatility for your experiments.

What is TissueSurgeon?

TissueSurgeon is a cutting-edge tool designed to meet the demands of modern research. With its advanced laser technology, researchers can perform sectioning, ablating, or gentle extraction of tissue and materials in both 2D and 3D dimensions. No more cumbersome mechanical tools or unreliable methods. TissueSurgeon sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in tissue

Key Features of TissueSurgeon:

Precision Cutting: Achieve micron-level accuracy with our contact-free laser cutting technology.

Versatility: Cut through a wide range of biological tissues and materials, including bone, with ease.
Non-destructive: Say goodbye to burning and shear stress. TissueSurgeon ensures gentle extraction without compromising sample integrity.
3D Capabilities: Explore new dimensions in research with TissueSurgeon’s ability to perform intricate cuts in three dimensions.

Applications of TissueSurgeon:

Tissue Engineering: Tailor biological materials to precise sizes and shapes for tissue scaffolding and regeneration studies.
Pathology: Prepare tissue samples for histological analysis with unparalleled exactitude.
Materials Science: Explore the properties of various materials through precise cutting and manipulation.
Join the ranks of leading researchers who trust Patho-Logica for their meticulous cutting needs.

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