Our technology

  • Full equipped histological laboratory for paraffin and cryo slides preparation, according to the GLP guidelines.
  • Histology preparation and evaluation
    • Free Floating sections for IF, an advanced method for Histology endpoint evaluation and quantification
    • Frozen sections for IF and DAB IHC staining
    • Paraffin-embedded sections for high-quality Histology
    • Special stains and Immunohistochemistry-specific markers, including sophisticated combinations and advanced techniques
    • Bone and medical device Histology using the resin method with laser cross-sections of plastic-embedded samples
  • Microscopes (Olympus), cameras and image-analysis software
  • Whole slide scan: Leica, Aperio Slide Scanner.
  • Morphometrical, digital, unique methods for Histology quantification using Image-Pro and MATLAB soft ware
  • Histology picture acquisition using a high-resolution microscopic camera (Olympus DP-73)

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