Quality Assurance GLP / GCP

Patho-Logica has Certification in Good Laboratory Practices (GLP-OECD) for Histopathology and Toxicological pathology.

This GLP-OECD certification includes the following components as appropriate to each study:

  • Detailed protocol
  • Gross pathology performance and description
  • QC-controlled slide production and analysis
  • Efficacy studies including measurements and digital morphometry analysis
  • Safety studies including measurements and digital morphometry analysis
  • Detailed histological and histopathological report and pictures
  • Full audited Final Report


Patho-Logica has Accreditation in GCP (Good Clinical Practice) for evaluating human tissues in clinical trials.

  • Our management is committed to maintaining a system for continually monitoring and evaluating the quality of its services and ensuring sufficient resources and management time for this purpose. Our quality system assures compliance with regulatory requirements and legislation.
  • Our staff, each with an average of more than ten years of technical experience, is dedicated to delivering a high quality of work. The scientific team benefits from our senior consultant with >35 years in the field and from our CSO with >40 years’ experience in histopathology
  • Our Team continually seeks to fully understand our customers’ requirements.
  • Our certification, capabilities and goal-directness enable the production of high-quality documentation suitable for filing with major regulatory agencies.

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