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Patho-Logica provides customized preclinical solutions for Biotech, Pharma, Medical-Device and Diagnostic companies and ventures.
We have expertise in Efficacy and Safety analyses as well as a track-record of R & D and analytical successes in scientific PoM, PoP and PoC studies.

Headed by Senior Pathologist Dr. Emmanuel Loeb, our expert team will plan and perform pathological / histopathological services, consulting and management services to integrate with preclinical and clinical phases.

We will work with you to design efficient studies for key project issues as needed for the preclinical phase and to lay the groundwork for the rigors of clinical development:

  1. Pathological Services – Get reliable data analysis of histopathological end point for your product development.
  2. Consulting Solutions – Increase your product’s value for the drug / device development process.
  3. Preclinical Management – Optimize your Product Development Plan.
  4. Feasibility Studies – Design and execute your PoC analysis based on our pathological methodology and tools.

Our clients range from Startups to Biotech to Pharma and include companies, CROs, hospitals and academia – as well as:

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