We have a lot of experience in the shipment of samples from abroad to and from Patho-Logica.

Depends on the complexity of the study. For simple H&E stained slides 7-10 working days from arrival of the samples to the lab until the first draft report. For more complexed studies with IHC for example 3-4 weeks’ time.

You can send us an outline of your experiment with the number of samples, objective, staining types and the type of analysis, we discuss this information together, and then we will send a work description and a cost estimation for the study.

We are three pathologists in Patho-Logica, each in his expertise.

Yes, in general the GLP studies are 25% more expensive.

It depends on the Sponsor we can provide a very solid consultation for the histopathology technical and scientific aspects and for the animal study design. Some researchers know in advance these details and instruct us in advance.

We do all the technical work in house including the analytic work. The only technique we perform in outsourcing is the plastic embedding for medical device or bone tissue.

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