Digital slides analysis Image analysis

  • Morphometry: The histological findings / pictures are analyzed by semi-quantitative and quantitative methods as appropriate for each study design, using scoring scale systems and digital image analysis supported by the MATLAB toolbox.


  • Digital Image Processing (DIP): Deep Learning (DL) and digital slide interpretation are among our new tools to extract quantitative information from images of complex structures such as cells and tissues. Besides traditional histological glass slides, digital slides transform glass slide scans into high-resolution digital presentations of cells or tissues. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) provides the pathologist a large database that can be analyzed using digital tools such as morphometric operations, color-based segmentation, color deconvolution, thresholding, and clustering. These digital tools provide substantial qualitative and quantitative benefits in assessing pharmacodynamics and efficacy, as needed for preparing formal reports and data presentation. For more information see a special article on this topic.

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